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Explore the Power of Real-Time Decision Solutions

Industrial Automation Software & Visualization Technology

Transform your plant floor with our full-service smart unified manufacturing solutions that provide Automated Dispatch, Alarm and Event Management, Andon - Visual Display Management, and On-Premise Wi-Fi SMS.

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Leading Provider of Industrial Automation Software & Visualization Technology


SeQent solutions provide a software bridge between industrial automation systems and communication devices.
This bridge allows you to receive alarm and event notifications in real-time, learn about equipment problems before they happen, respond to emergencies quickly, and more. Unify your plant floor communication through a user-friendly platform with our full range of device connectivity including Motorola Solutions two-way radios, smartphones, PA speakers, pagers, LED/LCD displays, tablets, Zebra Workforce Connect clients, and more.

  • Real-Time Access – recieve alarm and event notifications in real-time
  • Any number of devices – high volume communication platform
  • Centralized Management – Remote access from any browser on any device
  • Highly Scalable – can easily replace or integrate with current system
  • Access from anywhere – remote, on-site and off-site access
  • Device Connectivity – Supports a wide range of devices and messaging destinations


Our customers are our number one priority, and because of that, we consistently evolve our product lines to meet industry demands and the needs of our customers. We serve a wide range of customers in various vertical markets, including Manufacturing, Automotive, Semiconductor, Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Life Sciences, Water and Waste treatment, and more. With our strategic partnerships and alliances, we continuously improve our systems and processes to provide businesses with the ability to increase profitability, quality, and productivity.

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Upcoming Events

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We met SeQent at the 2017 Automation Fair in Houston. With the assistance from our Rockwell Automation distributor Border States Electric and our Motorola Solutions dealer Electronic Engineering, a formal introduction was made and we successfully installed a turnkey solution that built a software bridge between our FactoryTalk® View SE HMI environment and our Motorola Capacity Plus two-way radio system. This solution has transformed our plant floor communication process and SeQent has demonstrated a willingness to take Voice of Customer (VoC) requests and make the appropriate changes. For instance, we met with them at the 2018 Rockwell Automation TechED™ event in San Diego and within a couple months, our enhancement request was delivered and the system is functioning as promised and expected.”
Mark Lee, Valley Queen Cheese


Contact Info

4500 Blakie Road
Suite 137
London, ON Canada
N6L 1G5

Phone: +1.519.652.0401

Fax: +1.519.652.9275

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