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Activplant provides a set of world-class data analysis tools for Manufacturing Operations that allow manufacturing companies to derive the critical data needed to run a profitable enterprise. Through its robust platform, Activplant transforms manufacturing operations data into actionable and configurable views, reports and user-defined key performance indicators.

SeQent and Activplant/Aptean have been working together for 15+ years in support of each other’s respective platform and this includes several fortune 1000 mutual customers.

SeQent’s Activplant gateways monitor the specified incidents, categories, assets or groups for incidents which match the defined conditions. In addition, by using the SeQent OPC Gateways, Activplant data, such as accumulators and calculations, may also be monitored.


Our strategic and tactical partnerships enable us to jointly provide value to our end user customers that help them to increase productivity and profitability.

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